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Interstate greyhound transfers to Victoria

Interstate greyhound transfers to Victoria

In order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for participants and race day staff, new protocols covering the interstate transfer of greyhounds to Victoria are now in force.

Effective from 17 April 2020:

Interstate greyhounds will be eligible to contest GRV events only on the condition that they are transferred to a Victorian based trainer.

A Victorian trainer intending to receive a greyhound from interstate for the purpose of racing must:

*advise GRV of their intention of receiving an interstate greyhound at least three business days prior to the date of receipt of that greyhound by notification to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., providing details of the journey including person or organisation undertaking the transport, pick up location and drop off location

*ensure the person transporting the greyhound complies with GRV’s transport policy

*ensure that, prior to and on the completion of the transportation journey, the vehicle transporting the greyhound is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to mitigate any risk of COVID-19 transmission

*ensure that the person transporting the greyhound does not enter any Victorian kennel address or track when transporting and delivering greyhounds (unless otherwise approved by GRV stewards); and

*ensure that any gear used by the person transporting the greyhound is sanitised between each use.

 * a trainer receiving a greyhound from interstate must also ensure that an updated kennel return is lodged.

* a trainer must provide veterinary clearance of the greyhound, or ensure the greyhound is quarantined for a 14 day period at a Victorian kennel before a greyhound relocated from interstate can be nominated for a Victorian event.

Attendance at race meetings remains restricted to licensed Victorian trainers only  (or trainers’ representatives) with runners engaged, catchers and essential staff, in line with advice from the Chief Health Officer.

If you feel unwell or have a temperature do not come to the track and contact your doctor.

For a full list of current Victorian Greyhound Racing COVID-19 protocols, please visit:


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