Monday, 03 August 2020 16:15

Racing to continue

Racing to continue


The Premier has confirmed that greyhound racing can continue at this time because of the very low-level risk it poses in spreading Covid19 in our workplace.

This evaluation is based on data and is because of the strong protocols we have in place. It is also because of how you have all conducted yourselves within the workplace over the past few months; abiding by the rules and doing the right thing.

The right thing is to also keep yourself and your family safe and well. If anyone in your circle of friends or family is being tested it is important that you get tested as well. And don’t go to work until you are confirmed negative.

So, just to confirm, as racing continues all participants registered with GRV must travel directly to and from the track at which they have a greyhound racing or trialling.

You cannot “stop and shop” or divert from driving to and from your workplace. These are the rules which allow us to keep racing.

Travelling directly from home, to and from the track, wearing masks, and maintaining the strict distancing regulations, eating at the track, are critical.

All protocols also apply at trials and at coursing.


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Stay safe, Stay Aware, Stay Racing.


GRV Board Chair, Peita Duncan

GRV CEO, Alan Clayton

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