Wednesday, 25 January 2023 14:41

Trial Update: Healesville to pilot Sunday trials

To further support the industry, Greyhound Clubs Victoria and the Healesville Greyhound Racing Club are pleased to announce a 6-week pilot will commence on 12 February 2023 that will offer field and solo trials after Sunday race meetings.

Trial booking and cancellation rates will be evaluated on a fortnightly basis during the pilot period, which will assist the Club in determining on-going trial requirements.

A summary of the Sunday trial pilot to be held at Healesville is shown in the table below.

gcv table


Clubs need your support

We need your support to make sure trials are available for as many participants as possible on an equal basis. The ongoing nature of the Healesville post-race session on Sundays is subject to the success of this 6-week trial.
Over the past 12 months there have been a number of late cancellations and ‘no-shows’ which put greater stress on trial capacity and reduces the opportunities for other participants to secure trials.
As a result, a 3-step escalation procedure has now been introduced by all Clubs in the event of trial booking and cancellation processes not being followed appropriately:

  1. an initial warning,
  2. a 1-week exclusion from trialling at the relevant Club for repeat occurrence(s),
  3. a 1-month exclusion from trialling at the relevant Club for further repeat occurrence(s).

Clubs will review trialling arrangements on an ongoing basis to ensure that scheduled sessions are optimised to cater for the required demand.

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