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Tuesday, 27 October 2020 10:13

Tony Mitchell - loves a challenge

Tony Mitchell - Club Manager 

Tony was born and lived in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, where he played football and cricket both locally and had a short, but not so glorious short career with Essendon under 19’s.

Tony has now spent the past 25 years in football administration via the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League, a former VCFL Vice President and current Chair of AFL Outer East, all on a volunteer basis.

He spent most of his working career with the NAB in Senior Management roles in Melbourne, also operating his own businesses. Over the past 7 years he has been involved in the greyhound industry with a short stint maintaining and developing synthetic tracks within the Thoroughbred industry, during 2019.

Tony was appointed as CEO at Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club in January 2015, then appointed to GRV as Clubs and Infrastructure Manager in July 2017. In March 2020 he was appointed General Manager of Warragul Greyhound Racing Club where he is looking forward to new industry challenges.


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Friday, 02 October 2020 17:48

Q&A with CEO Brett Jones

Q&A with Brett Jones, GCV CEO 
Q. When was GCV formed?
A. GCV was formed and as an incorporated association in  July 2017.
Q. Why is it important for the clubs to have an overarching body separate to GRV?
A. It is extremely important that the Clubs to have a separate and distinct supportive body outside of GRV’s role as the industry regulator. The primary objective of GCV is to support and promote the greyhound racing industry and it achieves this by:
• Representing all clubs in strategic and operational matters that affect the Victorian greyhound racing industry;
• Supporting clubs to enhance their performance;
• Establishing a clear role for the clubs within the regulatory and promotional environment of the Victorian greyhound racing industry;
• Assisting the industry in transitioning towards a structured, professional, and collective body of participants who are achieving industry sustainability;
• With the development and progression of the Organisation, GCV will strive to deliver significant outcomes that will enhance club performance by assisting in developing and supporting successful strategic plans that build capability, provide support, guidance and assistance to improve and maintain club compliance with legislative obligations.
Q. How does GCV go about consulting with the 13 race clubs?
A. GCV meets informally with Club Managers on a weekly basis with a formal communication schedule in place that includes fortnightly Club Manager Zoom meetings and multiple meetings annually with the 26 GCV Club Delegates.
Q. How does the GRV-GCV-Clubs dynamic work?
A. The dynamic between the 3 groups has been working extremely well. Adapting and implementing solutions to the everchanging conditions and guidelines associated with the Covod-19 pandemic has only continued to enhance the relationship.   Key GRV staff regularly attend the formal meetings with GCV and Club Managers and I would say that the communication between the groups has been outstanding.
Q. You must be extremely proud of the way the clubs have adapted to the situation with CoVID-19?
A. The Clubs have acquitted themselves extremely well to the changing guidelines and given that we continue to race across all Clubs in a Covid-safe manner is testament to the outstanding work done by all 13 Clubs.
Q. What has been the most challenging aspects that clubs have faced in relation to the pandemic?
A. Implementing the changing Covid-19 guidelines in line with the various levels of government restrictions to continue racing in a safe manner balanced against operating their businesses and managing staff has presented a very challenging time for the Clubs. However, by continuing to work together, sharing information and ideas coupled with clear and consistent messaging,  I believe that we can continue to navigate our way through in the best way possible.
Q. Do you have an indication on when crowds may be allowed back at our clubs, and what that might look like  (ie. Will it be a gradual reintroduction of people and will it vary club by club)?
A. We will continue to follow the government guidelines and we all hope that we can welcome the crowds back to the tracks to enjoy the fantastic racing as soon as it is safe to do so.
Q. What have been GCV’s greatest achievements so far?
A. In addition to working with the 13 Clubs and GRV to navigate the course through the Covid-19 pandemic, GCV has also delivered some extremely important projects over the past 7 months, which include:
• Governance reviews at the 13 Clubs;
• A full OH&S system review and introduction of safety risk management software at each of the Clubs;
• A Fair Work compliance review of all Clubs to ensure best practice;
•  Securing $1.4M in Victorian Government stimulus funding on behalf of the Clubs that sees the benefits flowing directly to participants in the form of Free Trials and upcoming membership packages with details to be released soon;
• Acting as an important conduit between GRV and the Clubs.
Q. What projects are on the horizon for GCV?
A. Some key projects are the upcoming Club Funding Review 2020 Project, membership packages and continuing to work with Clubs to achieve best practice across racing, people, process and technology.
Q. How can people keep track of what’s making news with GCV?
A. Website:       
Facebook: Greyhound Clubs Victoria       
Linked in: Greyhound Clubs Victoria
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