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Racing leads way during extraordinary times
PETER GLEESON AS COVID-19’s insidious tentacles impinge upon every facet of our lives, killing people and costing jobs, there is one shining example of an industry that has beaten the odds to continue and even flourish during these extraordinary times. Racing has not only continued in every mainland state and territory, it has provided millions of Australians with much needed sanity as cabin fever takes hold. All at a time when the anti-racing lobby has never been more active or unscrupulous in their attempts to close down thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing. The fact that racing has continued in Australia during the coronavirus crisis is testimony to the diligence and discipline of an industry that is much maligned. For too long, racing has been the convenient punching bag for the Greens, animal activists and Australian Broadcasting Corporation. They have waged a jihad against all sections of the industry, and to be fair, in some instances, this has been justified, especially around animal welfare deficiencies. In response, racing has enacted sensible, proactive reforms, 
ensuring that horses and greyhounds are now looked after from cradle to grave. This is not good enough for the activists. They want the racing industry closed, a zealotry, foolish goal. They use blackmail to stop sponsors and partners from being associated with the industry. In Queensland they have tried to sneak into dog meetings at Albion Park, Ipswich and Capalaba — dressed in black and white like trainers — to get incriminating photographs during the coronavirus crisis. Yet when confronted with the coronavirus, racing bosses throughout Australia swiftly introduced social distancing protocols and hardline measures aimed at ensuring the industry was not shut down. They deployed strict enforcement rules, banning spectators and temperature-testing every person who walks onto the track. It has enabled racing to continue, protecting tens of thousands of employees and participants from the dole queue. The racing industry took the attitude that until health bosses and government made a decision to close them down, they’d do everything within their power to continue. This innovative approach is being demonstrated best at Greyhounds NSW. It set up a zonal system, where trainers are only allowed to race in their home zone, to limit travel. Dogs are put into the boxes differently, at staggered times, to ensure social distancing. Trainers must head home as soon as their dogs race.
GRNSW chief Tony Mestrov has a daily blog for owners and trainers, answering every question to allay fears. This open door policy by racing officialdom is a breath of fresh air from previous eras, when control bodies had more secrets than the Kremlin. During this incredibly challenging time, with people losing jobs and uncertainty affecting mental health, racing has provided the entertainment and distraction that so many crave. The verdict is in. Racing has never been more popular. Wagering is at record levels. It well and truly deserves to be an ongoing part of our sporting landscape.


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Wednesday, 22 April 2020 16:42

Dog food initiative proves a major success

MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Dog food initiative proves a major success

Greyhound Clubs Victoria and Greyhound Racing Victoria were overwhelmed by the response from greyhound trainers in purchasing the heavily subsidised dog food at various regional race clubs today. 

Almost 1000 bags were sold today at greyhound clubs at Bendigo, Warragul and Warrnambool.

Whilst challenges were experienced with deliveries due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The promotion was a resounding success.

Importantly, clubs were also able to ensure that social distancing measures were adhered to throughout the purchasing process.    

Bendigo Greyhound Racing Association was one of the selected locations, where Club Manager Mr Troy Harley said “Allowing the trainers to purchase much needed dog food at a significantly reduced rate was fantastic and it cements the need for GCV to continue to work with the needs of the participants in partnership with GRV.”

GCV Chairman Mr Adrian Scott added that “The social media announcement last Friday certainly got tails wagging, with mixed response.  However, today’s response has been extremely positive, and it is clearly evident that GCV is heading in the right direction.  Our aim is to increase communication with the 13 Victorian greyhound clubs and GRV to increase participation, support animal welfare and promote a thriving industry for many years to come.”

GRV CEO Alan Clayton said he was delighted with the initiative. “To have ordered an additional stock of dog food, which doesn’t impact current supply levels, and at a time where some trainers are finding food difficult to source, is really important for the health and wellbeing of our greyhounds.”

GRV and GCV have been extremely proactive in educating our industry in relation to COVID-19 rules and regulations as the industry continues to race.  We as an industry are adhering to social distancing protocols advised by the Victorian Government and the Chief Health Officer and are proud of what the industry has been able to achieve.

For media inquiries please contact: 

Brett Jones | CEO |0448 633 334 |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo: Ross Lyons 



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Saturday, 18 April 2020 11:22

UPDATE Tails wagging with dog food delivery

U R G E N T    U P D A T E

Due to the incredible response to the dog food subsidy we have made a change to the conditions STRICTLY - 4 bags per trainer.

They must be collected in person.

We can NOT allow other trainers to collect dog food on behalf of anyone.

This good will gesture needs to be fair for everyone.


Please stay up to date on our facebook page


Collection locations, dates and times

Warrnambool, Warragul and Bendigo

Wednesday 22nd April 10am -1pm

Additional stock secured for Shepparton from Tuesday 28th April

limited stock available

4 x 20kg bags per registered trainer

Card purchases only




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Interstate greyhound transfers to Victoria

In order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for participants and race day staff, new protocols covering the interstate transfer of greyhounds to Victoria are now in force.

Effective from 17 April 2020:

Interstate greyhounds will be eligible to contest GRV events only on the condition that they are transferred to a Victorian based trainer.

A Victorian trainer intending to receive a greyhound from interstate for the purpose of racing must:

*advise GRV of their intention of receiving an interstate greyhound at least three business days prior to the date of receipt of that greyhound by notification to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., providing details of the journey including person or organisation undertaking the transport, pick up location and drop off location

*ensure the person transporting the greyhound complies with GRV’s transport policy

*ensure that, prior to and on the completion of the transportation journey, the vehicle transporting the greyhound is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to mitigate any risk of COVID-19 transmission

*ensure that the person transporting the greyhound does not enter any Victorian kennel address or track when transporting and delivering greyhounds (unless otherwise approved by GRV stewards); and

*ensure that any gear used by the person transporting the greyhound is sanitised between each use.

 * a trainer receiving a greyhound from interstate must also ensure that an updated kennel return is lodged.

* a trainer must provide veterinary clearance of the greyhound, or ensure the greyhound is quarantined for a 14 day period at a Victorian kennel before a greyhound relocated from interstate can be nominated for a Victorian event.

Attendance at race meetings remains restricted to licensed Victorian trainers only  (or trainers’ representatives) with runners engaged, catchers and essential staff, in line with advice from the Chief Health Officer.

If you feel unwell or have a temperature do not come to the track and contact your doctor.

For a full list of current Victorian Greyhound Racing COVID-19 protocols, please visit:


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Thursday, 16 April 2020 21:05

Tails wagging with dog food delivery

MEDIA RELEASE Friday, 17 April 2020

Tails wagging with the dog food delivery - Animal Welfare is our No#1 priority

Greyhound Clubs Victoria and Greyhound Racing Victoria are looking after their number 1 assets – their greyhounds and trainers.   GRV and GCV have combined to purchase a significant quantity of dog food for their trainers.

Greyhound Clubs Victoria recently formed to be a voice for the industry.  GCV is represented by all 13 Victorian clubs as a strong and united voice on grass roots issues. 

Chairman Adrian Scott who has recently been appointed CEO at Sandown Greyhounds after a 5-year term at the Warragul club knows the issues trainers face at the coalface.  Mr Scott said “Being able to secure a significant quantity of dog food for our greyhounds has been a challenge.   Registered trainers can purchase 4 x 20kg bags of dog food at a significantly subsidised rate.  The welfare of our dogs is an industry priority.  It is important to understand we have ordered additional stock of dog food which will not impact current supply levels.” Mr Scott applauded the trainers and staff at all 13 Victoria tracks for abiding by the rules, listening to advice from the Chief Health Officer and enabling our sport to continue safely.

GCVs newly appointed CEO Mr Brett Jones said “COVID-19 has presented our industry with many challenges, and the need for online communication and advice channels has seen GCV at the forefront of the industry with a new website and a Facebook page for immediate updates.”

GRV CEO Alan Clayton also very pleased to be contributing to the project  said “We know some of our trainers have been having trouble finding food for their dogs and GRV is pleased to join with Greyhound Clubs Victoria to support our trainers by sourcing dog food and offering it at discount rates.’’

Delivery dates and times

Warrnambool, Warragul and Bendigo

Wednesday 22nd April 10am -1pm

Additional stock secured for Shepparton from Tuesday 28th April

For Registered trainers and limited stock available 


For media inquiries please contact: 

Brett Jones | CEO |0448 633 334 |This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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COVID-19 Update Friday 3 April 2020
Health screening for on-track greyhound racing participants and staff
Greyhound Racing Victoria and Greyhound Clubs Victoria today announced new on-track health checks for all participants, GRV personnel and club staff attending race meetings.

GRV CEO Alan Clayton said the new checks, which will only take a couple of minutes, would commence on Monday 6 April and be provided by Event Aid. We will also have GRV officials monitoring adherence with social distancing and call for your ongoing assistance with this.

“GRV, GCV and our clubs are taking advice from the Chief Health Officer and doing everything in our powers to ensure we are allowed to race on,” Mr Clayton said.

“These simple and quick health checks are about ensuring that all those coming to the track are healthy and we all play an important part in slowing the spread of COVID-19.”

GCV CEO Brett Jones said the health checks would be a minor inconvenience and minimise the health risk of COVID-19 to those on-track.

“Our clubs, and I’m sure our staff and participants, support any measure which protects our health and allows us to continue to race our dogs.”

Mr Clayton said GRV was continuing to take advice from the Chief Health Officer and work with key stakeholders to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19, protect our communities, our participants and to care for our dogs.

Ultimately though, the message from the Federal Government is clear, if you are not well – stay at home! In the event that you are denied entry on the basis of this health screen, your Greyhounds will be withdrawn in the best interests of Greyhound racing.

“I want to thank our participants and staff for complying with the protocols we have introduced to give us the best chance to keep racing,” Mr Clayton said.

“I’m sure all will continue to play their part as we work through this challenging period.”

For inquiries please contact:

Ian Haberfield | Public Affairs Manager GRV |0428 032 234| This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Brett Jones | CEO GCV |0448 633 334| This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thursday, 02 April 2020 14:00

We’ve Got Your Back – Grv Boss

Greyhound Racing Victoria Chair Peita Duncan has delivered a passionate pledge to participants, whose vigilance has helped greyhound racing continue through ever-tightening coronavirus restrictions.

“We will defend and protect this industry to the end,” Duncan said, as she and GRV chief executive Alan Clayton joined Gareth Hall on RSN Centralthis morning.

Duncan said she had been in contact with up to 100 greyhound participants each day for the last fortnight as the sport has forged ahead via a number of key factors, including the rigid compliance of participants to coronavirus directives and the isolated nature of greyhound kennels.

“They know we’ve got their back,” Duncan said.

“We are doing everything we can to keep going. We keep rolling the dice to be honest.”

Clayton said the fact greyhound kennels were mostly based on isolated country properties made it less difficult for greyhound trainers to adhere to self-distancing and other protocols that have also been successfully absorbed by the gallops and trots.

Both administrators said they were confident greyhound racing could continue without restrictions due to the number of races run and prizemoney offered.

“We are not cutting prizemoney now because this is the very time people need money in their pockets,” Clayton said.

Duncan said the fact GRV had explored whether racing could be restricted to a small group of greyhounds at Healesville “proved we’ve had a crack rather than just sitting around and waiting to see what happens next.”

For a handful of logistical reasons, the Healesville project did not proceed.

Clayton praised the greyhound community for acting in a way that allowed the sport to continue. He said participants acted quickly once ‘COVID-19 rules’ were introduced and then tightened.

Duncan urged the greyhound community to “Please, do what the government says. That’s all you need to do and hopefully that will see us through.”

BY Matt Stewart, Racing Editor

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Thursday, 02 April 2020 13:58

COVID-19 Information for workers

Looking after your workers so they can keep their families safe. Our 13 VIC Greyhound Clubs are doing a fantastic job...keep up the great work

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