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Greyhound Clubs Victoria has thrown its weight behind an industry-wide focus to ensure greyhounds remain protected and cared for during and post their racing life in this state.

Concerns have been raised following incidents in South Australia where rogue trainers have been investigated for malpractice and allegedly harming their animals. And, thus far, unsubstantiated claims the same was happening here.

According to Greyhound Clubs Victoria CEO Brett Jones the focus continues to be that participants doing the wrong thing will be charged and prosecuted - a sign that GRV (Greyhound Racing Victoria) as regulator is doing its job. 

“Our Industry participants love their dogs, and they completely condemn any abhorrent conduct. Furthermore, they want it stamped out and those involved prosecuted and banned from the sport.” Mr Jones said. 

He added, “Many thousands of people earn a living from this great industry, so we take any breaches of the code of practice or mistreatment of any animal, by a small few, extremely seriously.”

“The recent vision out of South Australia (SA) showing mistreatment of greyhounds is both inexcusable and abhorrent,” he said. “Nothing pains the greyhound community more than hearing about mistreatment.”

“Our industry comprises 13 Clubs, with 11 nestled in regional Victoria and two in bustling metropolitan areas. These Clubs stand as vibrant pillars of their local communities, actively contributing to charities and continuously seeking innovative ways to further engage with the public.” He said, “Working hand-in-hand with the industry regulator Greyhound Racing Victoria, we are steadfast in our mission to enhance animal welfare - this purpose lies at the very core of everything we do.”

Mr Jones said, “Our people are passionately devoted to their dogs, the people in our industry pour their hearts and souls into their work, often dedicating long hours from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM to care for their beloved greyhounds, not just on race days but every day. These magnificent creatures bring immense joy, providing companionship, fostering family involvement, and offering incredible benefits to people's mental well-being.”

But he condemned those trying to muddy the waters. “The recent reporting of falsehoods and incorrect information is disappointing, as it hampers our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. Over the past six years, we have made tremendous strides in animal welfare and safety, and we are determined to continue this remarkable progress.”

“GRV’s Racing Integrity Unit exemplifies its vital role in identifying and prosecuting rule-breakers, ensuring that anyone engaged in misconduct is swiftly removed from our industry. We want the wrongdoers caught and expelled to maintain the sanctity of our sport.”

Crucial to achieving this vision is the collection of any information that may point to unlawful or inappropriate activity within the industry. GCV urges anyone with such knowledge, whether they are part of the greyhound community or not, to come forward and provide it to the Greyhound Racing Integrity Unit (GRIU) for investigation.

People can submit information online via this link, or call the Investigations Hotline on 1300 856 109. If people prefer to remain anonymous, they have the option to fill in just the 'information' section of the form and submit it discreetly.

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