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The Victorian Greyhound Racing Clubs Association Inc. (VGRCA) was formed in 2017 as a representative body for the 13 Victorian greyhound racing clubs.

The association has a registered trading name of Greyhound Clubs Victoria (GCV) and has been formed as an incorporated body within Victoria. It operates in accordance with its rules and will be represented in strategic discussions by its executive committee and its executive officer. All Victorian clubs are members of the association, 2 delegates represent each club. The association will form part of a tri-party environment in the Victorian greyhound racing industry, which includes participants, regulators, and the clubs.

The primary objective of GCV is to encourage and promote the greyhound industry.
Greyhound Clubs Victoria aims to achieve this by:

  • representing all clubs in strategic and operational matters that affect the Victorian greyhound racing industry
  • establishing a clear role for the clubs within the regulatory and political environment of the Victorian greyhound racing industry
  • assisting the industry in transitioning towards a structured, professional, and collective body of participants who are achieving industry sustainability.

GCV is a great opportunity to provide collective representation on behalf of greyhound clubs and their members with key stakeholders within the industry.

If participants are the lifeblood of the greyhound racing industry, then greyhound clubs are the communities of greyhound racing in Victoria. The strength of GCV lies with clubs and their membership; participants are encouraged to join their local greyhound club.

11,000 participants distributed amongst 13 clubs makes for a powerful voice.

Speak to your local club about membership opportunities.

Executive Committee

Greg Davies

Independent Chair: Greg Davies APM

Tony Mitchell

Deputy Chair: Tony Mitchell

Adrian Scott

Executive Member: Adrian Scott

Peter Johnston

Treasurer: Peter Johnston

Greg Davies

CEO: Brett Jones

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