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Ray might be new to the General Managers seat at the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club, but certainly not new to the industry. In the late 80s Rays parents bought four pups from Stephen Kavanagh in NSW, and shall we say the rest is history.
After completing High School, he studied Biological Science at University and went on to complete a PhD in Molecular Biology and Renal Physiology in 2007. During 2007 Ray moved to the Dunedin in New Zealand to continue his research career, working on genes associated with the disease Cystic Fibrosis (FC) using the brush-tailed possum as a model organism.  Brush-tailed possums are a pest species in New Zealand and the lab where he worked was focussed on finding a drug to aid the treatment of CF.  After moving back to Australia at the end of 2010, he started to train greyhounds while being a stay-at-home father to his son.  However, when baby number two arrived he decided it was a good time to go back to work and started a research position at the Walter and Eliza Institute. 
The research was focused on a family of proteins that can either prevent, or promote, cells from dying and have role in a range of cancers.  In 2014, Ray moved into paediatric leukemia research at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute were the Lab focussed on improving techniques to diagnose high risk paediatric cancers and precision medicine. 
Then a slight change of careers with two years at AWM Electrical and Data Wholesalers in Port Melbourne learning the challenges of running a commercial business.
Ray has a strong passion for the greyhound industry and has been a member of Geelong and Melbourne Greyhound Racing Club Boards, and the GRV board prior to taking up the General Manager position at Geelong towards the end of 2020. 
Ray has three children that all enjoy the greyhound industry, especially when they get the chance to be in a winning photo.
Welcome to the team Ray

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They say “all good things must come to an end” and that is unfortunately the case, with one of the Sale and District Greyhound Racing Clubs most loyal servants in Geoff Brown.
“Brownie” as he is affectionately known within the industry first walked out onto the Sale track in 1980 (about the same time as Blondie had the number one hit “Call me” and you could grab a cheeseburger from McDonalds for 35 cents)
A much respected person by participants due to his humble nature, his loyalty and reliability have been appreciated by all at his home track of Sale.
A gentleman to the end and wanting to leave with no fanfare, not even a little, Brownie signed off for the last time on Sunday the 10th of January 2021.
So after more than 40 years, Sundays will now be spent with his family, his feet up, the possibility of a cold beer in hand and the races on the television.  

The club will have a race in his honour, and he will be given a small gift from the club, as he enjoys a meal with Mrs Brown at the club this week as part of the “no fanfare” he requested….so please don’t tell him!!

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Of course when you ask a 15 year old to take a family photo it’s a selfie – meet the Delbridge family, Mark, Lisa and Myles, while they were on a well-earned mini break to Tasmania.
2020 has been successful for Mark, winning Bendigo’s Trainer of the Year with 288 starts - 37 winners, 51 seconds and 30 thirds.  Mark was awarded Trainer of the Year at Horsham and Warrnambool with over 1700 combined starts, a fantastic effort.
Mark grew up in Cheltenham, moved to Carrum Downs then Tynong and has lived in Balliang for the past 24 years after purchasing the property from Garry Black.  Mark’s love of the greyhound industry came when he was 14 years old and like many greyhound trainers he started training with his dad.  Mark has been lucky enough to have many great mentors including Brian Flannery, Graeme Bate and Carl Haas.  Over the years Mark’s has picked up a few little tips along the way, he is always learning and tries to learn from his mistakes. 
Mark’s wife Lisa and son Myles are his greatest supporters, but they were quick to say he has a few flaws.  “He stresses about the dogs and he always enters too many dogs, once entering over 22 dogs at one race meeting.”  Team Delbridge currently have 75 dogs and hope to soon increase that to 100.  Mark believes it is a numbers game, but he never dreamt he would have this many dogs.  He is working towards winning a Melbourne Cup and has promised Lisa a new house as their current house is over 80 years old.
The Delbridge’s have built a comfortable life around the greyhound industry, Mark professing everything they have is a result of their success with greyhounds.  They manage (except in 2020) to enjoy a yearly overseas family holiday and have been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Canada and hope to get back to the States soon.  In the early years Mark found it difficult to leave the dogs, even having separate holidays, however now with 4 staff members he can relax and enjoy his time away with his family.  
When you have over 75 dogs under your watch its difficult to pick a favourite, however with Flash of Light winning over $280,000 it is certainly up there.  Other noted dogs were Tomac Bale and Dyna Dean.  Mark supports Bendigo’s Ready to Race (R2R) and fondly talked about dogs he has purchased at the sales.  One of his favourites Get Real, as this is currently the only dog he owns.  Dr Paulie was his first purchase in R2R sales and has gone on to earn over $65,000.   
Mark also sees himself as a handy man, always doing something, building new kennels and upgrading his property.  He never wants to retire and loves being a greyhound trainer and the lifestyle it brings.  Not many people can boast they do over 30,000 steps a day at work.  Winning is not everything to Mark, however when asked where is his favourite track, his quick response was “anywhere where I win”
Myles is keen to peruse a career as a Forensic Scientist, but Mark and Lisa still have a few year for him to catch the love for the greyhound industry.
Keep up the great work Mark, Lisa and Myles.

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