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Spreading its wings into the world of pigeon racing, Healesville Greyhound Association (HGA) is thrilled to announce
its sponsorship of the Croydon Homing Pigeon Club and the Croydon Classic.
This one-of-a-kind partnership aims to foster camaraderie between the two sporting communities, while nurturing
the development of pigeon racing as a competitive and esteemed pursuit.
The Croydon Classic, one of Victoria’s most prestigious pigeon racing events, will take place on Sunday, September
10, 2023, and will feature more than 800 birds. Starting in Mildura, the birds will fly throughout the day to their
respective lofts located across metropolitan and regional areas including Croydon, Dandenong, Morning Mist,
Geelong, Wallan and Melton.
Winners will be determined by their velocity, based on the distance travelled per minute, with each loft and
liberation point having GPS coordinates to calculate the flying time and distance. The prize money, which totals
$15,000, will be divided across the first 10 finishes.
HGA general manager Cynthia O’Brien is excited about the new collaboration and looks forward to cultivating a
culture of mutual support and camaraderie between the two livestock sporting communities.
“Pigeon racing and greyhound racing have long been cherished activities that bring joy to communities and promote
a deep bond between humans and animals,” Ms O’Brien said.
“We are delighted to collaborate with the Croydon Homing Pigeon Club and support the growth of this exciting sport
in Victoria.
“This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to supporting local sports clubs and promoting sportsmanship
in our community."
Croydon Homing Pigeon Club president Steve Aquilina said the partnership would benefit the club financially and
contribute to the overall development and recognition of pigeon racing as a sport.
“It is great that two livestock racing identities have connected,” Mr Aquilina said.
“The Croydon Homing Pigeon Club is really hoping we can have a partnership with the HGA for many years to come
as this race is enhanced and grows over time.”
Mr Aquilina said the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions had caused pigeon racing to take a back seat. Despite
being an outdoor sport, the five-kilometre radius restriction imposed during lockdowns meant pigeon racing was put
on hold for almost two years.
"Pigeon Racing is not just a sport, it's a passion," Mr Aquilina said. "We are thrilled to be finally racing again. It's a
great experience to watch these beautiful birds take flight and showcase their natural abilities in a competitive
HGA has a strong tradition of backing local sports clubs and charitable organisations. The annual Good Friday Appeal
stands out as HGA’s largest fundraising activity. For every race that a designated number four greyhound wins
between January and Good Friday, the HGA pledges a donation of $50 to the Appeal.
In addition to backing the Croydon Classic, HGA will provide its premises to the Croydon Homing Pigeon Club to host
its presentation day and to hold club meetings and events throughout the year.


About Healesville Greyhound Association
HGA is the only straight racing track in Victoria. It has two racing distances (300 and 350 metres) and has over 110
race meetings a year. To find out more visit

About Croydon Homing Pigeon Club
Croydon Homing Pigeon Club was founded in 1920. It currently has more than 20 members. Its biggest event is the
Croydon Classic Race on September 10, 2023. To find out more contact Croydon Homing Pigeon Club president Steve
Aquilina on 0418 36363

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The world of darts is abuzz with excitement as the inaugural Simon Whitlock Trophy darts competition is set to take place at Geelong Greyhound Racing Club.

Over three exciting days in April, players from across the country will compete in a thrilling darts competition that pays tribute to one of the great legends of the game.

Simon ‘The Wizard’ Whitlock is a name synonymous with darting excellence. With a remarkable career spanning two decades, Mr Whitlock has won numerous championships including the World Cup, and has been a finalist in the PDC World Championships.

Dartplayers Australia National Tournament Director Wayne Weening said the tournament was a great opportunity to celebrate one of Australia’s greatest players.

“Simon has been a trailblazer in the world of darts for over 20 years,” he said. “Sometimes in this country we can forget about our champions especially when they retire. Simon is still very much a champion of the sport, and this is a great opportunity to honour him in a competitive national tournament.”

The competition includes a tournament on Friday afternoon and two tournaments on both the Saturday and Sunday. Played over a best of nine legs knockout format, the player with the most ranking points at the end of the weekend’s events will take home the trophy and prize money. The events are part of the Winmau DPA Pro Tour and carry DPA Order of Merit points.

Mr Weening said that when Dartplayers Australia was looking for a suitable venue to present the inaugural competition, Geelong Greyhound Racing Club (GGRC) was the perfect choice.

“When we first started talking about the Whitlock Trophy, the GGRC was immediately onboard,” said Mr Weening. “The GGRC is much more versatile than greyhound racing and we hope this event is a great success so we can return next year.”

GGRC Manager Ray Bartolo said it was a great opportunity to showcase the club to 70-plus dart players and respective patrons.

“It is a real coup for our club to be hosting a national darts competition," Mr Bartolo said.

“We are looking forward to witnessing the extraordinary skill, precision and sportsmanship from some of our country’s finest players.”

The Simon Whitlock Trophy starts on Friday, April 28 and runs through to Sunday,  April 30. Entry is open to all amateur and professional dart players. Cost of entry is $27.50 and participants can register at

For more information, updates, and ticket sales visit

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