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Dog food initiative proves a major success

MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Dog food initiative proves a major success

Greyhound Clubs Victoria and Greyhound Racing Victoria were overwhelmed by the response from greyhound trainers in purchasing the heavily subsidised dog food at various regional race clubs today. 

Almost 1000 bags were sold today at greyhound clubs at Bendigo, Warragul and Warrnambool.

Whilst challenges were experienced with deliveries due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The promotion was a resounding success.

Importantly, clubs were also able to ensure that social distancing measures were adhered to throughout the purchasing process.    

Bendigo Greyhound Racing Association was one of the selected locations, where Club Manager Mr Troy Harley said “Allowing the trainers to purchase much needed dog food at a significantly reduced rate was fantastic and it cements the need for GCV to continue to work with the needs of the participants in partnership with GRV.”

GCV Chairman Mr Adrian Scott added that “The social media announcement last Friday certainly got tails wagging, with mixed response.  However, today’s response has been extremely positive, and it is clearly evident that GCV is heading in the right direction.  Our aim is to increase communication with the 13 Victorian greyhound clubs and GRV to increase participation, support animal welfare and promote a thriving industry for many years to come.”

GRV CEO Alan Clayton said he was delighted with the initiative. “To have ordered an additional stock of dog food, which doesn’t impact current supply levels, and at a time where some trainers are finding food difficult to source, is really important for the health and wellbeing of our greyhounds.”

GRV and GCV have been extremely proactive in educating our industry in relation to COVID-19 rules and regulations as the industry continues to race.  We as an industry are adhering to social distancing protocols advised by the Victorian Government and the Chief Health Officer and are proud of what the industry has been able to achieve.

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