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Sale greyhound Club - a great yarn

A great stroy from Neil Brown

Without any doubt the greatest greyhound to come from Sale is the mighty Temlee. Not only a racetrack superstar, the brindle powerhouse was to rewrite the record books in a stunning stud career, with a contribution that places him close to the best of all time. An incredible turn of events was behind the reason Temlee was whelped at all. On a trip to Tony Duke's breeding property in search of a well-bred brood bitch Sale greyhound racing identity Tom Davidson bought Temora Lee for $800, but due to injury she never raced in Victoria. Not long after the purchase Davidson passed away but prior to his death he requested his greyhounds be humanely put down. Fortunately, family members could not bring themselves to have this done and gave Temora Lee to friend and former Sale club President Barry Bailey. He was to choose unproven stud dog Tivoli Chief as the sire and although the litter was registered in the name of Mary Davidson, Bailey paid the stud fee and whelped down the litter. The late Ray Hocken brought Temlee for $135 and gave him to Sale Railway worker Frank Cray to rear and train at his Sale property. Early on Temlee became sick with a bad bout of Hepatitis and distemper. Cray treated the pup indoors for a number of weeks and if it wasn’t for that intensive care he would have been lost. The reward was the first time he trialled after breaking in was at Sale, Temlee ran just outside the track record.

Only two dogs in the history of the Sale Cup have broken the track record when winning the final. In 1984 Champion race dog and 83 Silver Chief winner Chariot Supreme recorded 24.35 for the 424 metres. Starting 4/5 on from box six he defeated Flying Fast and Linden South. Then in 1995, winner Wylie Boy broke the 511-track record running 29.31. From box one he beat Melbourne Cup winner City Blitz. Wylie Boy came back in 1996 and won the Cup again going on five months later to win the 96 Top Gun at Sandown.  


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