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Rod Ward - where his greyhound days began

Meet our Ballarat Club Manager - Rod Ward

We all know that football and greyhound racing are a great match, nobody understands that better than our Ballarat club manager Rod Ward. Rod grew up in Queenscliff and Wedderburn but spent most of my life in Bacchus Marsh.  With his father working in the Commonwealth Bank, he saw a lot of Victoria with several relocations as a child.  For as long as Rod can remember he always followed the greyhounds.  If you are on the good side of your 50s, like Rod, you will know take away food was a huge treat.  So, it’s not surprising that Rod’s fondest memory involves take away food and a winning greyhound.  He recalls visiting the old Olympic Park track with his dad and uncle, and yes, the dog had a good win but more importantly he had KFC on the way home. In the past he enjoyed backpacking and travelling. He still enjoys travelling but has stepped it up from backpacking.  Rod loves the outdoors and enjoys nothing more than arriving in a new city and exploring it on foot. After 16 years working for Telstra in finance & administration, Rod has spent the past 18 years working for the AFL managing, supporting, and growing participation across community football. We are very pleased to have Rod and his family as part of our Ballarat Club, but Rod is another self-professed unsuccessful punter.

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