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Today we give Dennis the thumbs up!

Today we give Dennis the thumbs up!
Today Dennis Brooks who started at the Warrnambool Greyhound Club 27 years ago has decided to hang up his mop.  Dennis started in 1993 as a cleaner at the Club, after being a local concreter for many years.  Retiring for Dennis was a tough decision, but he thinks he is just “too old”, but his friends at the club say he will be back on race days, he loves the club and the sport.
27 year ago, Dennis was playing lawn bowls and the caterer at the Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Club said we need a good cleaner.  For Denis this would mean giving up his beloved bowls to take a job at the track. He decided to meet with then CEO Maureen Drennan and in his words “he won her over” and so they say 'the rest is history', Dennis started the next day.
Dennis is a ‘jack of all trades’ at the Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Club and over his 27 years he has worked in the kennels, track work & maintenance, lure driving and working on trials and race nights. However, Dennis’s fondest memories of his time at the club was working at functions, setting up the rooms and meeting with the people.  Dennis turned his hand from cleaner to drink waiter on event nights, which he enjoyed immensely.  He like the big events, the School graduations and Deakin Uni balls.  Dennis got a buzz from functions being successful and the customers returning each year.   Over the years of working at functions he has encountered many funny incidents, but he was not prepared to comment on the detail.
When asked ‘What was the favourite part of his job” Dennis replied I love all my jobs at the Club.  He was loath to even single out his favourite Club Manager, saying they have all been terrific.  
Dennis has seen many great dogs fly around the track, but his favourite dog is one he trained himself, Ginana, winning 7 races in its career.   He will always have a love for the sport and will continue to be part of the club, but for now he will spend more time with his family, 2 children and 2 grandchildren who all live in Warrnambool. 
The decision to retire for Dennis has been 2 years in the making, but his boat, fishing and lawn bowls will now be how he spends his days.
Thanks for the memories and dedication to Warrnambool Greyhound Club and the industry. 
Good luck in retirement Dennis!

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