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Lorraine Finn awarded the esteemed Marg Thomas trophy for outstanding contribution to greyhound racing

Lorraine Finn, a renowned figure in the greyhound racing community, has tonight been awarded the prestigious
Marg Thomas trophy. This accolade celebrates Lorraine’s outstanding dedication and unwavering passion within
the greyhound racing industry.
Named in honour of Marg Thomas, a revered legend of the sport, the trophy recognises the remarkable
contributions made by women in the industry. Lorraine joins Dawn Johnston, the inaugural recipient, for her
exceptional dedication and impact on the sport.
The Marg Thomas trophy was presented at Sandown Park’s Women in Racing night, a special event that celebrates
and recognises all the women associated with greyhound racing.
Lorraine’s journey in greyhound racing began in the 1970s when she and her husband Kevin would attend the
Saturday meetings at Botanic Park Greyhound Racing Club. Her passion for the sport grew, leading her to serve as
the secretary of the Ladies Social Club at Wannon Park and later assume the role of secretary and treasurer of the
Warrnambool Greyhound Owners Trainers Breeders Association (GOTBA) in the 1990s, a position she held with pride
until 2011.
During her tenure, Lorraine devoted herself to various responsibilities including washing and ironing all the race rugs
and trainers' coats, handwriting all the kennel tickets, organising and catering the club’s picnic meets and
fundraisers, and decorating the venue for special occasions.
At the age of 81, Lorraine single-handedly runs the Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Club’s shop, dedicating 15 hours
a week to selling kibble, muzzles, supplements and mats. Lorraine volunteering ensures affordable prices for all
participants frequenting the shop at Wannon Park.
Although Lorraine was unable to attend the Women in Racing event, she did express her profound gratitude, stating,
“I am truly humbled and honoured to receive this prestigious award. Greyhound racing has been my passion for so
many years. It has given me so much enjoyment and has connected me with lifelong friends. This recognition belongs
not just to me but to everyone who has supported and shared in my journey.”
Lorraine’s selection from a competitive pool of candidates (which includes female trainers, owners, volunteers and
staff members), reflects her remarkable contribution to the sport. President of the Warrnambool Greyhound Racing
Club Robert Gore expressed his delight in Lorraine’s well-deserved recognition.
“Lorraine has been a beloved member of our club for almost four decades,” Mr Gore said. “We are immensely proud
of her achievements and her passion and dedication to the sport. Her lasting impact serve as an inspiration to us all.”

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