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Group 1 Maturity Classic: Unveiling the next crop of champions at The Meadows

Maturity Classic Trophy Maturity Classic Trophy Clint Anderson

The Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association (MGRA) is thrilled to host the much-anticipated return of the KCR Pet Transport Group 1 Maturity Classic at The Meadows this Saturday night, July 22. This year marks the 54th running of this prestigious race, and racing enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join in the excitement and see the next winner be crowned.
The Maturity Classic holds a rich place in Australian greyhound racing history, with its inaugural event taking place in 1970 at Olympic Park racing for stakes money of $1,250. The race is now worth $100,000 to-the-winner. This prestigious event attracts trainers from all around Australia, showcasing the talent and potential of some of the best young greyhounds in the country.
This year's Maturity Classic is set to feature a thrilling line up and could reveal more future champions. Sixty-four of the highest ranked greyhounds, aged under 30 months, battled it out in eight heats on July 15 with winners of the heats making up the field of the Maturity Classic final.
"This race provides a fantastic platform for younger dogs to showcase their talent and attracts the attention of fans across the country. The competition will be fierce, and we anticipate a thrilling night of racing and entertainment," said Scott Wuchatsch, CEO of The MGRA.
"Wow She's Fast's trajectory since winning last year's Maturity Classic has been extraordinary. She not only claimed the crown in 2022 but has gone on to become the highest-earning prize winner of all time, taking her place in greyhound racing history."
Scott further added, "Since winning the Maturity Classic in 2015, Fernando Bale has become the most successful stud dog, with his progeny earning the highest prize money ever accrued by a greyhound at stud. This race has a proven track record of identifying exceptional talent that goes on to make a significant impact in the sport."
Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association welcomes all racing enthusiasts, families, and supporters to witness the excitement of the Maturity Classic at The Meadows. It promises to be an unforgettable night of greyhound racing, entertainment, and the opportunity to witness the birth of future champions.
The grand Temlee Dining Room, home of the new City View Bistro, will be hosting special Group 1 dining to celebrate the big race, giving racing fans the chance to indulge in fine dining while cheering on the greyhounds. The MGRA hospitality team can create special packages for groups and celebrations, ensuring patrons will have a memorable experience at The Meadows.
To make a dining reservation for July 22 and experience the thrill of the Maturity Classic, contact The Meadows at (03) 9355 5222 or email the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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