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Sale Greyhound Club reopens with an upgraded racetrack and the community celebrates

Sale Greyhound Club reopens with an upgraded racetrack and the community celebrates Clint Anderson

The Sale Greyhound Club is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated reopening of its newly upgraded racetrack,
igniting a wave of excitement within the local community. The track’s enhancements, which include
improved safety features and a smoother surface, are set to deliver an unparalleled racing experience for
participants and spectators alike.
The Sale Greyhound Club has always been a central hub for greyhound racing and training, facilitating over 15,000
trials annually for trainers across the state. However, since the commencement of the track's upgrade in January,
many trainers in East Gippsland have faced arduous journeys, traveling long distances multiple times a week to trial
their greyhounds.
One of these trainers, Steph Tyler, has said the change of routine has had a significant impact on her family and
“The change of routine has been absolute mayhem for us. Trialling young dogs at other facilities has meant long days
in the truck with two young children, and we’ve pretty much had to write off a whole day for each trial,” Steph said.
“Every time I drive past the track now, I smile. I can’t stress enough how important the Sale track is to keep our
family in the industry. We are breathing a sigh of relief and doing a happy dance at the same time. We can’t wait for
the trials to start again."
Local trainer Luke Phelan emphasised the advantage of having their own home track, stating: “It's a big advantage
because the dogs get to know the track back to front. With the new track offering fresh grades and smoother
transitions, we hope it translates into more wins, as well as saving big on petrol.”
Race days at the Sale Greyhound Club provide an exceptional platform for local charities, sporting clubs, and nonprofit
organisations to raise funds and make a positive impact in the community. The club generously donates 8-10
races to charities regularly, allowing them to sell naming rights to supporters for $150-200 per race. As an added
benefit, the club provides a voucher to the business that purchases a race name. Sporting clubs and charities can
maximise their fundraising efforts by selling raffle tickets on race nights, typically generating additional funds ranging
from $1,000 to $1,500. The Sale Greyhound Club takes great pride in hosting approximately 40 charity nights each
“Clubs and charities can raise $3000-$3,500 per event which means up to $140,000 of funds are pumped back into
the community annually”, said Sale Greyhound Club’s Operations Manager Rob Popplestone.
The Sale Greyhound Club warmly invites everyone to join in the excitement and show their support at the upcoming
race meets, where the region's finest greyhounds will compete for victory. The reopening of the upgraded track
marks a significant milestone for the club and the local community, symbolising a new era of exhilarating greyhound
To celebrate the reopening of the racetrack, the Sale Greyhound Club has organised an exciting line up of upcoming
race meets, starting with race trials on Tuesday July 18. To find out more information on upcoming races, visit:
Media contact - Francesca Carter, 0438 562729

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