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The Sale Greyhound Club is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated reopening of its newly upgraded racetrack,
igniting a wave of excitement within the local community. The track’s enhancements, which include
improved safety features and a smoother surface, are set to deliver an unparalleled racing experience for
participants and spectators alike.
The Sale Greyhound Club has always been a central hub for greyhound racing and training, facilitating over 15,000
trials annually for trainers across the state. However, since the commencement of the track's upgrade in January,
many trainers in East Gippsland have faced arduous journeys, traveling long distances multiple times a week to trial
their greyhounds.
One of these trainers, Steph Tyler, has said the change of routine has had a significant impact on her family and
“The change of routine has been absolute mayhem for us. Trialling young dogs at other facilities has meant long days
in the truck with two young children, and we’ve pretty much had to write off a whole day for each trial,” Steph said.
“Every time I drive past the track now, I smile. I can’t stress enough how important the Sale track is to keep our
family in the industry. We are breathing a sigh of relief and doing a happy dance at the same time. We can’t wait for
the trials to start again."
Local trainer Luke Phelan emphasised the advantage of having their own home track, stating: “It's a big advantage
because the dogs get to know the track back to front. With the new track offering fresh grades and smoother
transitions, we hope it translates into more wins, as well as saving big on petrol.”
Race days at the Sale Greyhound Club provide an exceptional platform for local charities, sporting clubs, and nonprofit
organisations to raise funds and make a positive impact in the community. The club generously donates 8-10
races to charities regularly, allowing them to sell naming rights to supporters for $150-200 per race. As an added
benefit, the club provides a voucher to the business that purchases a race name. Sporting clubs and charities can
maximise their fundraising efforts by selling raffle tickets on race nights, typically generating additional funds ranging
from $1,000 to $1,500. The Sale Greyhound Club takes great pride in hosting approximately 40 charity nights each
“Clubs and charities can raise $3000-$3,500 per event which means up to $140,000 of funds are pumped back into
the community annually”, said Sale Greyhound Club’s Operations Manager Rob Popplestone.
The Sale Greyhound Club warmly invites everyone to join in the excitement and show their support at the upcoming
race meets, where the region's finest greyhounds will compete for victory. The reopening of the upgraded track
marks a significant milestone for the club and the local community, symbolising a new era of exhilarating greyhound
To celebrate the reopening of the racetrack, the Sale Greyhound Club has organised an exciting line up of upcoming
race meets, starting with race trials on Tuesday July 18. To find out more information on upcoming races, visit:
Media contact - Francesca Carter, 0438 562729

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The Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association (MGRA) is thrilled to host the much-anticipated return of the KCR Pet Transport Group 1 Maturity Classic at The Meadows this Saturday night, July 22. This year marks the 54th running of this prestigious race, and racing enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join in the excitement and see the next winner be crowned.
The Maturity Classic holds a rich place in Australian greyhound racing history, with its inaugural event taking place in 1970 at Olympic Park racing for stakes money of $1,250. The race is now worth $100,000 to-the-winner. This prestigious event attracts trainers from all around Australia, showcasing the talent and potential of some of the best young greyhounds in the country.
This year's Maturity Classic is set to feature a thrilling line up and could reveal more future champions. Sixty-four of the highest ranked greyhounds, aged under 30 months, battled it out in eight heats on July 15 with winners of the heats making up the field of the Maturity Classic final.
"This race provides a fantastic platform for younger dogs to showcase their talent and attracts the attention of fans across the country. The competition will be fierce, and we anticipate a thrilling night of racing and entertainment," said Scott Wuchatsch, CEO of The MGRA.
"Wow She's Fast's trajectory since winning last year's Maturity Classic has been extraordinary. She not only claimed the crown in 2022 but has gone on to become the highest-earning prize winner of all time, taking her place in greyhound racing history."
Scott further added, "Since winning the Maturity Classic in 2015, Fernando Bale has become the most successful stud dog, with his progeny earning the highest prize money ever accrued by a greyhound at stud. This race has a proven track record of identifying exceptional talent that goes on to make a significant impact in the sport."
Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association welcomes all racing enthusiasts, families, and supporters to witness the excitement of the Maturity Classic at The Meadows. It promises to be an unforgettable night of greyhound racing, entertainment, and the opportunity to witness the birth of future champions.
The grand Temlee Dining Room, home of the new City View Bistro, will be hosting special Group 1 dining to celebrate the big race, giving racing fans the chance to indulge in fine dining while cheering on the greyhounds. The MGRA hospitality team can create special packages for groups and celebrations, ensuring patrons will have a memorable experience at The Meadows.
To make a dining reservation for July 22 and experience the thrill of the Maturity Classic, contact The Meadows at (03) 9355 5222 or email the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Media contact: Francesca Carter. 0438 562729

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The greyhound racing community is buzzing with excitement following an exhilarating maiden 450m race on Wednesday July 5, won by a remarkable greyhound named Matt Loch.
This extraordinary greyhound is named after Matthew Field and Lachlan Barsby - two boys with cerebral palsy. Trainer Michelle Mallia-Magri has not only named the greyhound after the boys, but she has also given them a 25 per cent ownership share.
Michelle’s remarkable gesture of goodwill ensures that Matthew and Lachlan not only have a symbolic connection to Matt Loch but also directly benefit from his victories and achievements.

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture. Michelle’s decision to involve the boys in the sport she loves is a testament to her drive to make a positive impact on their lives.
“Both Matty and Lachie are incredible individuals who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over the years,” says Michelle. “They have been dealt a tough hand in life, and I saw this as an opportunity to give back and involve them in a sport that brings me so much joy.”

For Michelle, greyhound racing is not solely about financial gain but about making a difference to someone's life. She firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of greyhound racing. The joy and excitement she shares with Matthew and Lachlan exemplify her commitment to creating meaningful experiences for others.

Michelle's friendship with Matthew, a devoted greyhound enthusiast in his early 30s, began on the racetrack of their shared hometown, Geelong. Known affectionately as 'multi Matty,' he has become a beloved member of the racing club.
Matt Loch is not Matt's first share in a greyhound; Michelle previously granted him a 25 per cent ownership share in Matt’s Hope, a highly successful greyhound with over $130,000 in prize winnings.
"Matt's enthusiasm and passion for greyhound racing is like nothing else. He always calls me, filled with excitement, after the races, even when our dogs don't come in first,” says Michelle. “He celebrates the success of every winning team.”
Lachlan Barsby, an eight-year-old boy, was introduced to Michelle through his grandfather. Despite his limited means of communication, Lachlan managed to send Michelle a photo of himself giving a thumbs-up gesture after Matt Loch's impressive victory on Wednesday July 5.

"When I saw that photo, I got goosebumps. If I can bring a smile to their faces, week after week, through greyhound racing, then it gives me purpose to wake up every morning and train these dogs to deliver the best performance they can," said Michelle.
Michelle’s dedication to making a positive impact within her community has garnered widespread admiration. Her generosity and inclusivity serve as an inspiration to others, highlighting the transformative power of sport and sportsmanship.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: Francesca Carter, 0438 562729

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The Bendigo Greyhound Racing Association (BGRA) is readying for a big night of fundraising and racing at its highly anticipated and always well-supported Brain Cancer Race Night this Friday.

Now in its fifth year, the annual fundraiser aims to raise both awareness and funds for the Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF), while bringing the local community together for an evening of entertainment, greyhound racing, and heartfelt support.

Since it was established in 2014, the foundation has been a relentless force in raising critical funding for brain cancer research.

The foundation's mission is to reduce brain cancer in Australia, which is the leading cause of cancer death in children and adults under 40.

Despite its devastating impact, brain cancer receives less than five per cent of federal government cancer research funding, making events like the Brain Cancer Race Night essential in driving progress.

Hosted by television presenter and Cure Brain Cancer ambassador Candice Wyatt, the event promises an unforgettable evening of entertainment, with special guest appearances from Hawthorn premiership players Campbell Brown and Rick Ladson.

Additionally, one of Australia's most beloved comedians Dave O'Neil will entertain the crowd, complementing the thrilling greyhound race action.

Event tickets start at $120, and include a three-course meal, standard beverages, and a direct donation to the MHF.

"We are really excited to collaborate with the Mark Hughes Foundation and host this great event" said BGRA general manager, Charlton Hindle.

"Our goal is to continue growing this event and raise critical funds for brain cancer research, and together, we can make an impact on the lives of those affected by this disease."

In addition to the special guests, the evening will feature a range of exciting activities, raffles, auctions, and two Listed greyhound races - the Mark Hughes Foundation Prospector Final and the Beanie for Brian Cancer Roses - as well as the MADE Solutions Winter Cup and the Mannings Greyhounds GRV VicBred Maiden Final.

Local hopes in the Listed Prospector will rest with the Mark Morrissey-trained Whirlwind, who is chasing his fourth win in 10 starts.

A strong field of locals in the Beanie for Brian Cancer Roses include two from the Heathcote kennel of Donald Jarvis - Elsa Jay and Millie, plus the second emergency Andrea's Ace - and one from fellow Heathcote trainer Raymond Henness, Go For Star.

Bagshot trainer Michelle Carruthers has the exciting young bitch Zadie in the race.

The BGRA will also be selling Mark Hughes Foundation beanies, priced at $25 each.

Every cent raised from the sale of these beanies will go towards funding research into brain cancer and the treatment and care of brain cancer patients.

The first of 12 races on Friday night will be run at 7.13pm, with the last at 10.39pm.

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